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The SpeedWeb system is simple, affordable and cost- efficiency, with  24/7/365 maintenance and updating support no one else offers.

5 billion searches internet are conducted everyday.

no business should be without a website.

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“What impresses me is their response time. Within minutes most of the time and revisions updates in under a few hours.”

Rady Rachim

, RKR Law Firm, Jakarta, Indonesia.


SpeedWeb, is a simple affordable solution to help new start-ups and small businesses design and construct, update and edit, maintain and develop their own websites regularly and economically.
SpeedWeb’s unique features takes care of every step, beginning with domain registration and hosting, initial setup and configuration, managing email accounts, design and construction to completion. Moreover, SpeedWeb will continuously update, edit and make revisions of its content base on clients instructions on a 24/7 basis for one full year.
SpeedWeb is a totally Hands-Off experience especially for non techies and all the owners have to do is provide their content and instructions to place on the site. No more worrying about updating and maintaining it on their own.

Additional Services

Please note that SpeedWeb Packages Do Not Include Premium Themes, Addons and Plugins, External SEO, upgrades and other paid resources. These include, but are not limited to: Copywriting. Translation, Social Media Postings, Graphic Design, Audio Video Editing and Mixing such as: Animation, Motion Graphics and Photography.
All original content matter must be supplied by the client. However, as part of our value-added services, we will consider on a case by case basis upon part clients’ requests to assist in the editing of copy and images supplied. 
Should you require any of the above exlusions, we will be glad to forward you with a quotation upon request.

If you are looking for value-added, you’re in the right place. They aren’t just operators and I have certainly benefited from the professional advice.”

Shaun Kamal

Professional Photographer, Melbourne, Australia.


Site Marketability

Your website is the heartbeat of your entire business and organization. Hence, we are focused on all that your business represents for maximum marketability. We will advice you on the best content to incorporate that enhances the information tunnel your target audiences are on the look out for.

Brand Messaging

In today’s social engagement scenarios, it is all about brand messaging. Through multi-channels of communicating your objectives and why you matter to your  audiences, We will help you to carve out your unique characteristocs that seperates you from the competition.

Social Integration

All roads lead to your website. No matter how much social ngagements platfoms you are in, your target needs a place where they can come back again and again to visit for updates and your latest offerings or news.

Web Development

We will assist you in editing you copy and content quality, fine-tune the entire website throughout the entire year as part of our service contract  whichever package you choose. We will conduct in-page SEO including registering your site with major search engines.

24/7/365 Support

We are available not just 24/7m but 365 days for the duration of your  contract as stipulated. There will be no additional service charges 
whatsoever for all your future revisions and updates.


Renewals of your SpeedWEb plan will be charge at 50% off the original package price, unless you request a new re-design of your site in which the full price will apply. Otherwise, all current clients will enjoy our  price
increase protection should we have a price increase in the future.

“Their packages and rates are the most cost-efficient I have come across without sacrifice to quality.”

Stewart Siedler

Mosaic Development, Hong Kong.

Be Discovered. Be Accessible. Fast Track Your Business Online.​

“It’s great to have them reminding me regularly that my a content update is overdue.”

Rey Estanislao

Entertainment Professional, Philippines.

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